Zhengdong X
Review from February 2023
Signature dental is the best dental clinic among what i’ve visited. Dr Wang is very Professional, the staffs are nice and friendly. The clinic is kept very clean. Waiting time is the minimum. I highly recommend signature dental to everyone.

Jin W
Review from December 2022
I have been to this dental office for many years. The office staff is very friendly, and helpful. They help me to reschedule if a situation comes up even a day before the appointment. They also send reminder text messages via phone. The office is clean. The lobby is clean, and the exam rooms are sterile and uncluttered. Dr. Wang and his team are knowledgeable and skilled. He always remembers my concerns and provides me plan to fix them, even though I haven’t been back for a while. Dr. Wang the dentist I can highly recommend.

Yong H
Review from December 2022
As in other clinics, the doctor and staff are nice and courteous. But what matters more, as I see it, are two things:
(1) The doctor's experience and expertise in handling difficult treatments. Every dentist can do tooth extraction. But on some patients, a job such as dental implant could become quite challenging, and workmanship and expertise makes a big difference between dentist A and B.
(2) At least one staff member's knowledge of insurance and his/her willingness to dedicate time to help you. There should be at least one staff member partially playing the role of patient advocacy. This person should be very familiar with your insurance and is willing to take lots of time researching your case, trying to maximize your benefit for a reasonable cost out of your pocket. If this person were to leave, this clinic would silently lose a significant portion of value.
Unfortunately, such information is not easy to find online, so you have to partly rely on the experience of your friends and coworkers that come to this clinic for treatment, and partly on luck. On both counts, (1) and (2), I find Signature Dental meets or exceeds my expectations.

Rochele D
Review from July 2022
This has been my dental office since 2013. Office staff are very friendly, courteous and efficient-- processing my insurance claims without any problems. They text appt reminders to me with enough lead time to make changes if needed, and schedule the next appt before I leave current exam. The lobby is clean, the exam rooms are sterile and uncluttered. Dr. Wang and hygienists listen to my concerns and address them. Cleanings are gentle. Dr. Wang has been very kind to all my family members. He is a knowledgeable and skilled dentist I can highly recommend.

Lina H
Review from July 2022
My family has been in this clinic for a couple of years. We have done regular check-ups, fillings and dental crowns. Dr. Wang is very professional and ready to answer any questions. The staffs are kind and helpful. I would highly recommend Signature dental to anyone who is seeking dental health.

Amelia L
Review from 2022
Highly professional and friendly staff. The hygienist Jasmine does a great job of cleaning and makes sure the patient is comfortable. Dr. Wang thoroughly explains why a procedure is needed and what is going to happen. Been going here for 10 years and feel super welcome every time!

Eric P
Review from 2021
Great experiences with them!
Signature dental is where I normally go for all my regular cleanings and every time the experience is great! One day, after an accident with an axe, my front tooth was hit and snapped in half. My parents rushed me to Signature dental where they were able to take me in, unannounced, and help me find the best solution for fixing my tooth. I ended up getting a crown while staying only 2 weeks without a front tooth, for the procedure to heal. They were able to help me in such an urgent emergency and give me back all my teeth! The service is always amazing and they have definitely played a role in my interest in a profession in the dental field!

Lin T
Review from 2021
We have been with Dr Wang for 9 years and he is great! Very friendly doctor and stuff, good service and reasonable price. Highly recommend for family dentist.

Qian Y
Review from 2021
Our family has been with Dr. Wang for almost ten years. We’re very happy with their service. Dr. Wang is very professional and patient. Staff there are nice and responsive. The clinic is very clean and well-organized! Highly recommend!

Chelsea L
Review from 2021
I have been with Dr Wang's clinic for many years, including regular teeth wash, annual examination and hole filling for my teeth. Everybody at the clinic is very nice and patient oriented. The clinic is very clean and well organized. Dr Wang is very professional, patient and excellent. He filled the holes for my teeth a few years ago. I was nervous at first and came to prepare for the pain and uncomfortable feelings. But his gentle care made everything go easy and smooth! He always gives me suggestion to maintain good condition for my teeth. I would definitely recommend Signature Dental to my friends.

Review from 2021
Throughout our ten years of receiving dental treatment and care from Signature Dental, we have enjoyed the comfortable atmosphere and kid-friendly environment that the place provides. From the very moment we get into the building, the front desk receptionist warmly welcomes us and gets us situated before our appointment. Not only is the environment very clean, making it easier to relax while our teeth are being cleaned and treated, but all of the dentists and dental assistants always go out of their way to converse with us.

Communication is very essential and everyone who works here is open to sharing information to us that is clear and concise. We never really need to worry about bad work ethic or whether we are not getting the details we need. Also Dr. Wang is very experienced and skilled. We can trust his decision for best interest of our dental health. All these are very important for us and allow us to just enjoy the experience!

Our family would totally recommend this place!

Chunyu W
Review from 2020
My family has been visiting Dr. Wang for several years. Dr. Wang and his team are very professional. The office is super clean and very inviting. The appointment is always on time as scheduled. Dr. Wang is always nice and patient. I have medical phobia but I feel comfortable visiting Dr. Wang no matter just for a regular cleaning, a cavity fix, or tooth extraction. My kids love watching the latest movies during the procedure by the way.

Tao A
Review from 2017
I was referred here by a coworker who spoke very highly of the office. Once I got there, I realized why. The paperwork to fill out on my first visit was a breeze and they took me soon after. Our visit to the Signature Dental was very smooth, pleasant and encouraging. The office is super clean, well organized and filled with relaxed atmosphere. Very professional staffs who go above and beyond to ensure us have a pleasant visit. They are very friendly, really polite and happy staff and very efficient to address our needs. Dr. Wang is very honest, knowledgeable and very thorough in his exam. The hygienist gave us the best cleaning! The dentist and staff actively listened, educated my daughter and me, and respected our time and resources.

You will clearly be valued as a patient when you come to this dentist. Comfortable and relaxing dental experience. I would refer this dental office in a heartbeat! Will return!!!!

Tho N
Review from October 2014
This place is really clean, welcoming, and up to date.   Everyone there is good at what they do and seem to like working there and loving what they do. That's the kind of environment I want to be in!  I have been coming here with my husband for almost one year for cleanings, fillings, drilling, and extraction. Before our first visit here, husband and I hadn't been to a dentist in over three years and had bad tartar build up, cavities, and cracked teeth. However, they never seem to judge you or even rush you. We have never had anything wrong or have been disappointed thus far. And the hygienists really want you to learn. This office also doesn't waste your time and are concerned with any issues I have had such as the odd feeling I called them about after my tooth extraction.   Husband and wife (lovely Wei) runs the show but are obviously passionate with what roles they have. And they only recommend the best options and referrals, which is why I have traditional braces now put in by someone else even though I was hoping for a different alternative. However, I'm glad I went with what Dr. Bo Wang recommended. I can see and feel a good difference.  In short, I plan to hopefully stay with Signature Dental a while. This is the first dentist office I really care to stay with and my teeth and gums feel great for the most part, aside from me having braces. Prices aren't bad either if you don't have dental insurance, aren't bad at all actually for Sugar Land. They have a clean, comforting, and good smelling facility. And professional but warm staff! Also, I got to add the dental assistant Cassandra is super sweet and always with a smile. Even though my son isn't a patient, she's always looking out for him (getting a chair for him, channeling in what shows he wants to watch, and casually talking to him).


Alejandra G
Review from September 2014
OMG! I've always had a difficult time finding not only an excellent dentist but also great staff that would treat my kiddos and myself with respect, professionalism, and love. Signature Dental has it all in one!!! My kids always look forward to get the dentist check up, and I don't feel that they are taking advantage of me like most of other dentist offices. You can really feel that Dr. Wang and their staff cares.


Rahim H
Review from April 2014
Great service, professional staff and minimal wait. Dr Bo. Wang is very knowledgeable and patient and gives each patient ample time. The facility is very aesthetically pleasing.


Amy T
Review from March 2014
We had a wonderful experience with Signature Dental! The office staff are very kind, helpful, and even called me to remind me of my appointment time. The receptionist also called me when there was a cancellation to get me a better appointment time - I didn't even request this. Such a courtesy! My 5 year old and 3 year old both had a cleaning and and my five year old had to have fillings. They were able to watch their favorite shows during the procedure and the dental hygienists were awesome at dealing with kids! I didn't even have to help my girls at all because the staff were so competent in encouraging them and keeping them still and calm. The dentist and the office manager were just as courteous as the rest of the staff. Overall, my 5 year old summed it up when she said, "Mom, can we come to the dentist every day? This was so fun!" They sent each child home with a new princess toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss. We highly recommend Signature Dental -- it was by far my best experience with a dental office.


Amy Y
Review from 2013
I moved to Houston 4 years ago. Shopping around for a new dentist. Tried a few till I found Dr. Wang. Finally! He is the Best!  My procedure of teeth removal was postponed due to my pregnancy then I moved to Houston. Every dentist told me to remove my 2 wisdom teeth, I couldn't make up my mind. After I had been with Dr. Wang for one year I thought maybe I could give it a try. It was amazing, the only thing I felt after was just the side effects of the pain medication. Then I stopped taking them. Nothing! It was so unbelievable! I can't understand why other people suffer so much after teeth removal.  Dr.Wang is very knowledgeable, patient and super nice.The most important thing is his hands are just made for this.   The office is state of art. Office ladies are friendly. Location is just off highway 6. Highly recommended!


Peng S
Review from 2013
You can not find a better dentist in Texas other than Dr.Wang.  He took care of my wife's teeth for the last two years, including one root canal and crown, and several fillings. We are more than satisfied for each visit! Dr.Wang and his wife are also very thoughtful to us student without a dental insurance, he gave us a special price which is affordable, thus we are all very graceful as well.  We will definitely make Dr.Wang our first choice, and recommend him to anyone for sure!


Amanda Y
Review from 2013
I have been in Houston for a couple of years. I visited other "well-known" dentist in Chinatown. I had a bad experience for Chinese Dentist with the similar impression which the shabby Chinatown grocery shops gave me. The clinic is crowded, the dentist assistants are snobbery and not professional at all! Major dentist is always busy and rarely has time to answer your questions, no mention to give your suggestions, and fully charge your insurance money but offer the cheapest dental materials and therapy....  Until one day, one of my friends strongly recommended Dr. Bo Wang. She had a good experience with Dr. Wang. Though I was reluctant to choose another Chinese dentist, it proved to be a wise decision later on. Dr. Wang is nice and acts exactly as a good qualified dentist does- explain your teeth conditions, discuss therapies we will take and what kind of actions you should do to prevent your teeth from being worse.   Their dental assistances are also nice and professional. I have to say it is also important for customers.   In addition, my parent in law has no insurance. He treated her equally patiently and professionally and only charge affordable initial examination fee.   It takes more than half an hour from my place to this clinic. But it worths the travel time and my high praise of the professional and nice dentist, Dr. Wang and his beautiful and helpful wife, Wei. Needless to say, I would like to recommend them publicly.


Vicia F
Review from 2013
Our whole family (including my parents) are loyal patients of Dr. Wang. He cares about patients and always explains things well: what dental situations we have, what treatment choices we could have, what effect and possible side effect we should expect etc. Our kids like this dental environment very much because there are a lot of movies to choose while they are waiting or in the dental room. Every detail shows that Dr. Wang and his staff CARE about patients. Highly recommended!!!!!


Ashley L
Review from 2013
You cant find a better dentist than them they take such good care of your teeth including whether its just cleaning your teeth or cavity's or what ever the problem is i recommend anyone to come here


Walter W
Review from 2013
I have been with Dr. Wang for almost two years and my experience with the clinic has been more than satisfactory. Dr. Wang has given me professional personal cares and only prescribed the services that are needed. Compare to my previous dentist Dr. Wang cares more about his patients and reputation than just making money. I am going to stick with him for a long long time.


A Google User
Review from 2013
I was looking for a new dentist for my children and couldn't be happier that I found Dr.Wang. The staff was awesome and they made it very relaxed and easy for my kids. It was interactive for my kids and they were eased by that. Welcome to Texas Dr.Wang.


Julie S
Review from 2012
I did one crown and one bad tooth removal in Dr. Wang’s. Both work well! I have a long history of dealing with my troubled teeth. And I am so glad to choose Dr. Wang as my dentist. First, his office is the cleanest and best-equipped one I ever saw. Unlike most of dentist’s, Dr. Wang’s place does not have that kind smell I cannot bear. He also uses most advanced equipments in the market which put both doctor and patient in a better place. In my crown case, Dr. Wang conducted a very thorough analysis before he committed to do that for me. He mentioned if the crown case is too complicated, he will refer me to a specialist. In other words, if he agreed to do it, he would be 100% sure to do it well. I think this kind of sense of responsibility means a lot especially after I learned some bad experiences from my friends with their dentists. All in all, I will recommend Dr. Wang to everyone!


Wei X
Review from 2012
We went to this dental office on recommendation from our friends. The staff are friendly, especially the dentist, Dr. Bo Wang, who does incredible work. He is very patient, professional and detail oriented. I had a root canal and got a wisdom tooth removed, he is really gentle and doesn’t hurt me at all.  My mom doesn’t have insurance, and had to do some dental work. They offered special price for her initial evaluation and cleaning. He explained everything to her and performed great job at an affordable price. Dr. Wang is trustworthy, and I’ll recommend him to my colleagues and friends.


Jewel S
Review from 2012
I did one crown and one bad tooth removal in Dr. Wang’s. Both work well! I have a long history of dealing with my troubled teeth. And I am so glad to choose Dr. Wang as my dentist. First, his office is the cleanest and best-equipped one I ever saw. Unlike most of dentist’s, Dr. Wang’s place does not have that kind smell I cannot bear. He also uses most advanced equipments in the market which put both doctor and patient in a better place. In my crown case, Dr. Wang conducted a very thorough analysis before he committed to do that for me. He mentioned if the crown case is too complicated, he will refer me to a specialist. In other words, if he agreed to do it, he would be 100% sure to do it well. I think this kind of sense of responsibility means a lot especially after I learned some bad experiences from my friends with their dentists. All in all, I will recommend Dr. Wang to everyone!


Huawei C
Review from 2012
I have had 4 different dentists in the past 5 years, before I decided to switch to Dr. Wang. He has abundant knowledge and excellent skills in handling all the dental problems I had. Meanwhile, Dr. Wang is caring, concerned, patient and friendly. Before visiting Dr. Wang, I have never thought that visiting dentist can be such a pleasant experience.


A Google User
Review from 2012
Helped me a lot!!! I had a very loose tooth and a trouble crown. I went to 3 different dentists in the past 2 years. I was told that my loose tooth needed to pull out and crown could not be fixed. Dr. Wang fixed my crown problem and treated my loose tooth for a few months and it got much better. I was referred to him by a friend and he was able to fix my problem where 3 others could not. He is the best!!


A Google User
Review from 2012
I switched to Dr Wang's this past winter. The office is right off Highway 6, very convenient. Now our whole family goes there for check up, including our 5 year old. Dr. Wang is very friendly and patient in examining and explaining and performing the jobs. Highly recommended!!


Nael H
Dr. Wang listens to you and addresses you by name without looking at your file beforehand. He is friendly and open for questions with treatment. He is very easy-going and not pushy, he lets you know the treatment options and you make the decisions that are right for you. Treatment plan is great, cost is affordable and he is always looking after the patient and not trying to recommend procedures which cost more. Facility is wonderful, the insurance side is always explained in detail. The office staff are all always friendly and readily available for questions and appointments.
He is likeable not only for his good dentist skills but for his dealing with teenagers & young kids as well. He always knew how to put my kids at ease making them feel comfortable. I highly recommend Dr. Wang for anyone who needs a dentist.